(Dis) - cordes

A visual odyssey for 7 circus artists and 999m of rope. This show is Jive Faury's and Kim Huynh's latest creation, which has been premiered in Dec 2015 in Ivry, at the theater Antoine Vitez.

"(Dis) - cordes is a visual piece that poetically untangles any kind of knot"
(Léna Martinelli, Les trois coups, Dec 2016*)

"With 999m of rope, the 7 artists of the french company "Sens Dessus Dessous" question with lightness and creativity the functionality and magnificent - not to say hypnotic- esthetics of the rope. ... A wonderful show for all ages"
(Stéphanie Berlioz, Télérama, Feb. 2016*)

"A handcrafted piece, woven out of veracity and transparency. In between graphic arts, acrobatics, theatrics and dance, between bodies and ropes, (Dis)- cordes is indeed "physical circus theater".
(Thomas Hahn, Danser Canal Historique, Dec 2015*)

(*translation : Kim Huynh)

Coproductions : Le Théâtre d’Ivry-Antoine Vitez, Le Sirque / Pôle National des Arts du Cirque de Nexon Limousin, La Verrerie d’Alès / Pôle National Cirque Languedoc – Roussillon. Residencies : La Briqueterie - CDC Val-de-Marne, Théâtre de Châtillon, CIRCA, Pôle national des arts du cirque d’Auch, Le Nouveau Relax - Chaumont, Maison des jonglages - Houdremont, scène conventionnée - La Courneuve,L’Entre-Pont - Nice, Le Moulin de l’Étang – Billom. With the help of : Ministry of culture/DGCA, DRAC Île-de-France, Conseil Départemental du Val-de-Marne , l’ADAMI and SPEDIDAM. Supported by : Association Beaumarchais-SACD, La Coupole - Scène nationale de Sénart and 2R2C/ARCADI (Plateaux Solidaires)

Conception: Jive Faury et Kim Huynh. Artistic collaborations: Gilles Remy, Françoise Lepoix. Light designer : Lionel Vidal. Original music and sound creation : Pierre Le Bourgeois. Costumes : Sandrine Rozier. With : Jive Faury, Alain Fernandez, Jérémie Halter, Kim Huynh, Elia Perez Guisado, Morgane Widmer,Emily Zuckerman


Piece for two dancing jugglers and 100 meters of rope

Since 2011 "Linéa" has been travelling across the globe and enchanted young and old. After six marvellous years of touring with more than 250 presentations in France, Europe and in more than 30 different countries, the company has decided to stop touring this show. Tha last representations have taken place at the national theater in Gap in may 2017.

With/created by Kim Huynh et Jive Faury. Light design : Lionel Vidal

We want to thank everyone who supported us during the creation and distribution of Linéa, as well as all the structures( French Instituts, French Alliances, French cultural centers,Brazilian SESC ...) that made this show exist though the numerous travels and occasions to perform, and that made Linéa accessible for everyone, without any difference of age or culture. We also thank all the audiences for their warm welcome and all the children who warmed our hearts with their drawings, notes and their enchanted eyes.


Chargée de diffusion/production Cécile Bellan :

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